Specialty Fleet: The Spiders

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Specialty Fleet: The Spiders

Postby DTson Gauur » Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:05 am

"The Spiders"

Function: To blitz OTAs, period. Can run NMCs too but will be slowish.

Fit tank for ~100k EHP, high Kin/Exp resists, all resists should still be 70+ %

Needed ships:

"Webby Spiders"
2x Bhaalgorn OR 2x Loki w/Immobility subsys
- REQUIRED Triple webs (True Sansha / Fed Navy)

"Momma Spiders"
2x Vindicator OR 1x Vindicator IF 2 Lokis
- Short range DPS

"Hunter Spiders"
4x DPS, Machariel, NavyGeddon, Paladin OR 5x DPS Machariel, NavyGeddon, Paladin IF 2 Lokis
- Ships aren't required to fit webs, you can if you want to
- Instead fit Tracking Computers / Target Painters

3x Guardian
- REQUIRED Logistics level 5
- REQUIRED 5 Large Remote Reps, 1 Large Energy Transfer

"Daddy Spider"
1x Offgrid Booster with 5+ Links , Damnation/Legion preferred, Claymore/Loki acceptable
- REQUIRED all 3 Armor links
- REQUIRED Skirmish Interdiction Link
- REQUIRED Skirmish Evasive Link
- REQUIRED Pilot has Armored Warfare Mindlink

Point of the fleet is to ignore everything else and just kill the Deltoles.
DTson Gauur
Fleet FC
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Re: Specialty Fleet: The Spiders

Postby DTson Gauur » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:27 am

Trial run #1 completed with sub-optimal fleet composition and still averaged 5.5min / OTA , even managed to win a contest against a shield fleet in one. NMCs were done in around 9 mins, most of the time was spent in killing the small stuff in 2nd and 3rd waves, as expected. Fleet had no offgrid booster, just what leadership bonuses squadleaders had.

18 sites done in a bit over 2 hours , 14 payouts, 4 contests lost.
Trial run #1 considered a success.

Next run will be in a week or so.
DTson Gauur
Fleet FC
Posts: 12
Joined: Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:05 pm

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